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The importance of reading to your children cannot be underestimated. It is a valuable and magical bonding time for the both of you, and encourages their development in many different ways. From an extremely early age, (even while still in the womb,) children are captivated by the sound of their parent’s voice and indeed this is where their learning begins. Their brains are like little sponges, ready to soak up information in many ways.

It is important to create a routine for your children and a story at bedtime should become a part of that routine. Reading children’s books to your child will ultimately assist them to develop their own reading skills from an early age because they will already have become captivated by wanting to know what happens next in a good book.

As they get a little older, you can also help them to develop their critical thinking skills by asking them what they think will happen next. You can stop the story at a crucial time and ask what they would do if they were in that position, or what do they think they hero/heroine will do, given the circumstances. This will help them to also develop their own story-telling skills which will be of prime importance when they start writing their own stories at school. This magical and bonding time for you will also assist your child to think in a logical manner and will promote many discussions between you.

The sight of children reading a good book will always gladden my heart, because I understand what they are gaining from the experience. And if you have some children’s books with numbers in them, so much the better. You can then play counting games as well, again helping them with their development. In these days of ‘text-speak,’ it is extremely important that our children learn how to correctly structure a sentence and paragraph, and how to correctly use grammar. Don’t let them grow up thinking that it is fine to abbreviate every word; teach them the true magic reading children’s books can bring into their lives and encourage it from an early age.

There is so much to be gained from children reading and the time you spend with them will also have a special place in their heart as they get older. They will remember these magical times and will go on to read to their own children.
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