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Interview with Ally

Q. How did you get to be an e-publishing coach?

As far back as I can recall I have always loved books and reading. Having spent many hours reading and living in other worlds, I developed a love for children’s books and the fantasy world they conjured in my mind. For example, The Hobbit and his magical ring captivated me from the age of 6. I strongly believe that books not only can bring joy into one’s life but also help us to develop new skills and become exposed to new ideas. Books are game changers and I always had a secret dream of becoming an author.
After writing my first book I needed to learn a lot myself before I found out how to actually publish my own work. It took me more than a year just to get my head around the ins and outs. I spent six months or more looking for a literary agent/publisher only to find out that even though they liked my book they wouldn’t take my work just because I didn’t have enough followers on the social media. As a first-time author you need to prove you have enough people who are actually willing to buy your book in order to get a publisher. What an absurdity.
It was then when I came across e-publishing, but still had to figure out how it works: to find an illustrator, editor, format my book for Kindle (what a nightmare), find the right keywords, categories and finally market my book, which is actually the hardest part. It was not only hard and frustrating, but it also felt very lonely. To make a long story short, I made it, and the book was a big hit. It became Amazon’s #1 bestseller for more than 16 weeks and sold more than 30,000 copies in less than 5 months!
My brother was my first “client”; he was someone close to me that I could almost have a practice run with. It went so well that when a friend asked me to help her I immediately said yes. Since I had people asking for my help even before I thought of becoming a coach, I knew this just had to be the way forward for me.
This experience is the reason I decided to become an e-publishing coach, because I just don’t want to see anyone struggle the way I did when they want to get their dream book published! Because it doesn’t have to be that hard.

Q. Who are your clients exactly?

I work with bright, creative, high-energy authors who struggle around e-publishing and how to get it done. I assist authors who need a step-by-step strategy to help them take their manuscript or idea to the next level.
The professions I work with are numerous, including but not limited to:
Business Coaches
Life/Personal Coaches
Professional Organizers
Personal Trainers

Q. How are you different from other e-publishing coaches? What marks you out among the crowd?

I have a unique ability to connect with people. This allows me to see the areas where they need the most help and support on their journey to e-publish their work. My knowledge and personal experience with limiting beliefs allows me to recognize these in my clients and therefore help them overcome them and move forward.
I believe that connection and support are the most important things in your journey to fulfill your dream of publishing a book!
Because I am a self-made best-selling author with Amazon KDP, I can give a unique insight into what it means to be part of the beginning of a new industry. I have connections with other e-publishing professionals and I’m extremely focused on first-time authors’ needs and what it means to them to become well-known and successful.

Q. What type of personality do you work best with and what would be expected of me?

I ONLY work with talented, high-energy, and motivated budding authors, who put their heads and hearts into the concept of their book being published. If you are not fully motivated then the chances are that you will not put in the time and commitment that I am asking of you, which would not be beneficial to either of us.
What you get with me is no-nonsense, accountable, and laser-focused support along with lots of compassion, curiosity, and humor. What I ask from you is that you put 100% focus on taking the serious and consistent action needed to accomplish your e-publishing goal. There will be no room for excuses anymore, or the feeling that “tomorrow will do.” Tomorrow never comes… I also ask you to remember that this is a very different way of thinking and being. But you are safe in the knowledge that you will receive full support while you achieve your publishing goals.

Q. Is there a group of authors for whom this program is NOT going to work?

Please understand that I’m very selective about who I work with. I can (and do) choose to (gently) turn away people who aren’t suited for my programs and who therefore wouldn’t get the results they were hoping for.
My programs are NOT for those who have no money coming in and are in financial difficulties, at least at this moment in time. Unfortunately, people who are in financial crisis sometimes struggle to trust the recommendations I give them and for one reason or another do not put in the work needed. Maybe it’s because they spend a lot of time worrying about earning enough for next month’s rent check or mortgage payment.
If you happen to be one of those who fall into this category, it’s absolutely OK. After all, we’ve all suffered from financial crises at one time or another. So to move forward, do yourself two favors:
1-Make sure you have some money coming in from a full- or part-time job as a minimum, and then contact me. This will help to alleviate some of your stress and give you a little more peace of mind. Most importantly, it will help to free your mind enough, meaning you can focus on your assignments and the BIGGER picture.
2-Even if it’s not the right time just yet, please sign up to get my free e-publishing book and newsletter. This free information will help you to move toward your publishing goal.
However, there is one type of person I absolutely will not work with, and that is the one who consistently makes excuses for not doing the work, or maybe challenges every aspect of the program, or for one reason or another doesn’t show up for their sessions. If you feel you could be one of these people, I gently and respectfully ask that you do not call. Hopefully you understand why I set these clear boundaries and expectations and that is because I am COMPLETELY dedicated to the success of the clients with whom I choose to work.

Q. What exactly is the e-Publishing Coach® program and what does it include?

Taking your manuscript or idea to the next level requires a focused vision, a plan, and a means of getting your message out there. It also requires a concrete system being in place to help you get where you want and need to be. And of course you must be willing to take consistent and serious action, each and every day!
The course includes me showing you the means to gain clarity around your book idea; what you want to write about and who your audience is going to be. It’s hard to get anywhere, in any walk of life, if you aren’t clear on your vision, so together we’ll use some tools to help you get clarity. Besides giving you a weekly assignment that will move you forward toward your e-publishing goal, I will provide full support between sessions. My email address and phone number are for you to use. I promise to get back to you within 24 hours. If you bump into any challenges with your weekly assignments, you can count on my support.

Q. How can I be sure my book will be published?

Because I will show you, step by step, what you need to do, but you also need to put in some hard work, including the fact that you need to take action and do your weekly assignments.
If you follow my lead you will have your book e-published with Amazon KDP – guaranteed.

Q. What results can I expect?

You can expect to get your book published as an e-book with the biggest book seller in the world – Amazon.

Q. How quickly can I expect results?

Your book can be published in less than 6 months, provided you do your work. It can take less than that. It’s all up to you.

Q. Where are you located? Do you only work with local clients?

I live in Closter, NJ and since most of my work with my clients is done via the phone, I am not restricted geographically and my clients are located all over the world. Having said that, face-to-face meetings are optional and I welcome the chance to meet with you in person.

Q. How will we work together and what’s involved?

Our sessions include high level e-publishing coaching via personal telephone conversations and email. I currently have several private e-publishing coaching programs that offer different results. Each program is for 6 months or less.

Here are brief descriptions of the programs:

The Ultimate Program – create your book and publish both e-book and a paperback copy with Amazon.

The Advanced Program – create your book and publish it as an e-book with Amazon. Optimize it with keywords, book description and more, to better reach your audience.

The Basic Program – publish an existing content as an e-book.

Q: What if I want to publish another book and need just a little reminder on what and how to do things?

After graduating from my program and publishing your first book, it is possible to go on an hour-by-hour program as and when needed.

Q: Okay, I now know which program I want, so how do we get started?

Wonderful! Did you know that one of the outstanding characteristics of successful people is the fact that they take action? Successful people also know how to take educated risks, be decisive. As a consequence, they move forward towards success at a much faster rate. So, congratulations on your decision! Since this feels right for you – let’s get started!

Here’s what you need to do: Call me at 973-826-2020 or e-mail me at Ally@AllyNathaniel.com to set up a quick call with me so we can get you started. There is a fairly extensive intake form and some other paperwork for you to fill out prior to our first call. I also require payment in advance, so I will send you an invoice for your program and you can then schedule your first appointment and get going on moving your book/manuscript forward!

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, through PayPal or Square, or you can pay by check. Again, I do ask for payment prior to the coaching engagement. All programs require either a monthly investment or a pre-paid 6-month investment. This includes significant savings for you when paying upfront.

Q: If I’m not sure I’m ready just yet to get started, is there a way I can sample your work to see whether it’s the right solution for me?

The best way is to look at me and my clients’ results. You can find testimonials on my website. Also, by signing up for the monthly newsletter you will get hints and tips, and all the latest news about e-publishing.

Q: I think I’m ready to sign up, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I call you?

Sounds to me like you are ready to take action toward your future! If you have some questions, there is absolutely no problem in contacting me. Please call 973-826-2020 or e-mail me at Ally@AllyNathaniel.com. I’ll be happy to talk you through the various different options so that we can see between us which one will be the very best fit for you. I am so honored to be the one to help you in your quest to become a fabulous success with your book!