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"I help authors who are dying to publish a book, get it done!" -Ally Nathaniel

Do you need help with publishing your book? Then you have stopped off at the right place! I'm here to take care of you and your book, so you could keep writing and stop worrying.
I am a best-selling author of several books. My first book Sparkly Me, was actually at number 1 position for 16 weeks and sold over 40,000 copies . I am therefore obviously aware of what your reading audience needs and expects to see in a good read, whether for children, or any other genre.

Because of my background I can guide you on the various steps necessary to become an author, maybe even a best-selling one, yourself. Not only can I assist you on the writing side but I can also show you how to find illustrators, editors, and even ghostwriters for a reasonable fee. I can give you hints and tips on how to keep your audience captivated and take you through a step-by-step guide to e-publishing and promoting your book.

Many people feel that there is a book inside them somewhere and very often all they need is for the right questions to be asked to be able to get those thoughts written out. I can coach you through what it takes to engage your reading audience no matter what age they are, by helping you to formulate your thoughts into a cohesive and readable order. In the past publishing a book meant finding yourself an agent or maybe sending dozens of manuscripts to different publishers and all in the hope that someone, somewhere, would be interested in a book from an unknown author. But you don’t have to go through this very frustrating process. Your book could be e-published with Amazon KDP before you know it! Fortunately in the age we now live in, publishing for Kindle is possible for anyone, given a little help and a point in the right direction.

E-books and e-publishing of them is becoming increasingly popular as people now have the ability to build up an electronic library at very little cost compared to buying a traditional book (which is now seen as an old-fashioned way of reading). Kindle has sold millions of e-readers since they were launched and The Telegraph newspaper reported that 1 in 40 people received them for Christmas in 2012. Kindle publishing is therefore the way to go when you would like to gain a potentially huge audience for your writing.
Please contact me and we can discuss together the way forward so that you too become a published author. Epublishing with KDP is the swiftest and easiest way of breathing life into that book just waiting inside of you; in fact it’s now easier than ever before. All it needs now is for you to take advantage of it!
Call today for a free consultation so that we, together, can bring your ideas to life. 973-826-2020