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Have you written a fiction or nonfiction book for adults or children? Do you feel good about your accomplishment? Enjoy the feeling. Then ask yourself what do I do now. That’s what I did when I finished my novella and knew tucked away as a file in my computer wasn’t going to get it published or marketed. I was certain I was going to self-publish it as both an e-book and possibly a print on demand book.

My decision was made. I had many questions all about how do I do it. I got my answers from Ayelet (Ally) Nathaniel owner of Ally Nathaniel Epublishing Services. Ally held my hand as she guided me through the steps to self-publish on Amazon, finding a cover designer and pushing me gently not to procrastinate and then begin the marketing process. I loudly shout my thank you to Ally each time I see the cover of my book on Amazon and enjoy the reactions of others when I tell them I published on Amazon (and how they can order my book.)

If you’re writing a book or have written one and need help and support completing the process – publishing, art work, marketing and warm support – contact Ally you won’t be disappointed.
Joan Lefford, author of Last Suppers Laura's Tale A Killer Recipe
Writing and publishing a book on amazon can be frustrating if you don’t know what you need to do, and have no experience. Luckily for me I had Ally to guide me through the process. It’s amazing how much easier publishing a book can be when there is someone who hold your hand.

I have written two children books and published them on amazon. If writing a book is something you thought about doing and never had the time, I highly recommend taking the time to do so. There is a great satisfaction to see something you have written downloaded and read by hundreds, or thousands of people.

Ally is a great e-publishing coach. She will guide you through all the steps with patience and care.

Ishay Brav, author of Dream With Me, Pony Tales
It was wonderful to be able to engage with someone, who in a span of  20 minutes, was
able to so clearly and thoroughly capture my vision.
Viviana Valentino
Professional education series class "The 6 Steps Plan to e-Publishing," by children's author Ally Nathaniel lit a fire under me this week. Nathanial has published many beautiful and thoughtful children's books through Amazon, at least one of which fulfills the recent critical opining that children's literature is sorely lacking images of people of color.
Karen Woodward Sarrow
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