My name is Ally Nathaniel and I’m a best-selling author, speaker and mentor.

My job, and passion, is to help women find their unique voices so they can create businesses and lives they love and desire. I know this sounds intriguing, but what does “finding your voice” actually mean?

Well, finding your voice is about taking a few steps back, looking deep into your heart and reconnecting with who you really are. It’s about finding the clarity and certainty you were born with and is still inside you. It’s about connecting to your purpose.

You know in your heart you deserve all that, but somewhere along the line, something happened, you went through a big transition. You may have become a mom or simply felt the way you operate in this world doesn’t work in a male-dominated environment and you had no idea what to do about it. The overwhelm may have caused you to withdraw, and your voice got lost.

I know how it feels, I was there. I saw other women achieving big things: writing books, speaking and making a difference. I wanted to be like them but I wasn’t sure what needed to be done. I felt small and insignificant and I wanted more, I needed more. Being a mom and a wife was not enough for me, but I was stuck.

Finally, through hard work (both emotionally and spiritually) I was able to find my voice and purpose.

This led to writing my first book, which become Amazon #1 bestseller for 16 weeks and sold over 40,000 copies. Writing that book changed my life and launched my new career, where I help women do the same I’d done: reconnect with their voices and purpose, become leaders and launch or grow businesses they love.

Why do I do that?

Because I don’t want any women to stay small and settle for anything less than her wildest dreams. I don’t want anyone to feel frustrated, overwhelmed or discouraged the way I felt. I want more women to speak up and use their voices to change the world.

So a little bit more about me:

Let’s put it this way: it’s not your average upbringing. I was born in a kibbutz, and that meant at 3 weeks old, I was separated from my parents and moved into a communal facility to live with other kids.

You see growing up in a “Children’s House”, I was forced to learn a few tough lessons to survive .

I got to see my parents for three hours every day, and that was it. The rest of my time, there were other kibbutz members taking care of me and the other children in the facility. Needless to say, they didn’t love us as parents love their own children. You can see how as a young child I “lost” my voice in such an environment…

In 2006 I immigrated to the US with my husband and my two young kids (2,4). Wow, that was a bold move. Little did I know then that this would throw me back to feeling insecure and voiceless – after all, English was not my first language and I had to adjust to new social rules.

I remember being afraid to speak in front of people because I might make a mistake – my confidence took a hit. But I wanted more and that’s why I started my business “Playful Kitchen” which in turn led to publishing books and helping women find their voice.

The 10 th book I published, “Redefining Success”, promotes a real and uncommon conversation about feelings and the emotional rollercoaster women encounter in business and life. The overwhelming response to “Redefining Success” prompted me to create the Emotional Business IQ™ course and movement.

This journey, as hard as it was, has lead me to where I’m today; I work with women, speak at conferences, small business evets and women’s groups. I also offer 1:1 interactive work (find your voice, grow your business), mentoring packages and online courses.

Most of the women I meet know they’re meant for something bigger; they have a message they want to share, but they don’t know where to start and what to do. To them I always say: life is too short – take full responsibility and get it done!

Remember, living your life to the fullest is not a privilege, it’s a necessity, and it’s your job to make it happen. Find help. Find your voice. Make a difference.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!