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Books changed my life, so  if you want to change your life I can only suggest one thing: a book.

Not your favorite book at the local bookstore, or the Kindle edition online. Not the fantasy, romance, or sci-fi you’ve read over and over again. Not even a motivational story about rebuilding your life or self-esteem.

No, the book that will change your life is the one that’s inside you, begging to be written.

Think about the power of a book. This time, one that you’ve read. The power of your favorite book in your life, is the same power you’ll give to someone who reads yours.

The books I read as a child, for instance, took me to new worlds, and gave me hope at the end of the day.

You see growing up in a “Children’s House”, you’re forced to learn a few tough lessons to survive. Let’s put it this way: it’s not your average upbringing. I was born in a kibbutz, and that meant at 3 weeks old, I was separated from my parents and moved into a communal facility to live with other kids.

I got to see my parents for three hours every day, and that was it. The rest of my time, there were other kibbutz members taking care of me and the other children in the facility. Needless to say, they didn’t love us as parents love their own children.

That’s where the books come in. I had one safe place, and that was my own mind.

I recall one night in particular. Little me, sitting up in bed, my favorite book, The Hobbit, caught between my fingertips, even as I tried to catch my breath. You see, Bilbo had found the ring beside that lake, deep under the Misty Mountains, and Gollum was close at hand.

The characters in that book were my best friends, and we traveled through lands far away from the dark, lonely place I lived. But my love for reading, ultimately took me on journeys outside of my imagination and into the real world.

My first book provided an adventure unlike any I had read before – this real life story that I lived. A truth: real life can be just as strange and wonderful as our favorite fiction books.

During the process of creating my first book, I learned how to overcome the mental “demons” which had plagued me since my early days in the kibbutz. I learned to trust myself and my voice, and I grew in confidence in my teaching. I realized that I could impact other woman just like me.

And that’s exactly why I’ve chosen to follow this career path: helping to empower women and teaching them how to make a difference by using their story to build their businesses and change the world.

Bringing out that book inside you is what I aim to do. I deliver high-impact motivational and transformational techniques, so you can use your story to inspire and make an impact in other’s people’s lives.

I want to help women define what they’re success looks like. Perhaps, I can help you with that too.
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