Ally present keynotes, breakout sessions, webinars, workshops and daylong seminars, consistently earning rave reviews at conferences, business events, and women’s groups. 

As a storyteller, she weaves her vast experience and research with humor and sensitivity and elevates the audience with her contagious enthusiasm.

Ally has 20+ years background in speaking, training, and presentations. She is a confident, articulate and engaging speaker. Ally speaks about writing and publishing as well as on growth-mindset and emotional blocks to inspires women to raise their voice and become leaders in their field by publishing a book.

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"I got so much out of your presentation today. Not just about publishing, but about marketing my business in general! Thank you​"


"In behalf of our SCORE Chapter, I would like to thank you for the truly interesting and informative workshop you presented last night. The participants, who were truly interactive with you, responded anxiously and enthusiastically to what you had to say, and the time flew by. The responses we got from the participants’ evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. ​You were great, and again, I want to thank you."


Most Requested Presentations

Plan Your Success - The six steps plan to self-publishing
In this session, I teach your audience the 6-step framework to get published and make a difference (the same framework I have used to sell tens of thousands of copies of my books and make a huge impact).

Booked – how to write the book that will get you on stages and attract clients
Some stories change lives, and some fall flat...what’s the difference? This session trains
Business owners on how to craft their Signature Story.

Getting to The Finish Line - Overcoming Barriers to Finishing Your Book

Find what are the 5 mindset blocks that are preventing you from finishing your book, and how to eliminate them so you could get your book published.

Beyond the Book – scaling your author platform
There are 5 major ways to scale past the book. Most authors stop at 1! I unpack the 5 ways you can leverage your book beyond Amazon to grow your business.

Unstoppable – the power of EBIQ* and how it will change your life and business forever
How to get over the emotional blocks that are stopping you from reaching your full potential, so you could create the business and life you want.
*Emotional Business IQ

Activate Your Mind Power- The #1 secret that creates influential leaders
Most people severely underestimate their mind- power. In this session, I unpack 5 mindset blocks to help women release their inner power and become stronger leaders.