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  Hi there and thank you for visiting this page. My name is Ally Nathaniel and I am a mom to three young children, who are my world. I passionately believe in responsible parenting by giving children everywhere the best possible start in life. That includes helping them to develop into warm, loving and knowledgeable adults by being the best parents we can be.

  I adore writing for children and am a #1 best-selling children’s author. My books Sparkly Me and Who’s Under The Bed? made it to the #1 best seller list on Amazon.
  Alongside my 10 years plus of experience in the culinary world, I also edit an on-line parenting magazine and manage parent-oriented forums, where I support parents who have child care and educational issues. My interest in parenting and helping children to develop is so strong that I also write and publish parenting articles in a parenting magazine. I also lead parents’ support groups and teach Parenting by Connection.

  While our children are in their formative years their brains are like sponges with the ability to literally soak up information, and this is one of the reasons I absolutely adhere to the belief that every parent has the ability to quite literally change their children’s lives. Reading to, and cooking with, your children are two of the ways in which to interact closely with them, and have lots of fun and play through learning. On my blog Playful Kitchen I share both recipes and unique educational tips for parents to help them develop both their parenting and cooking skills.
  While being a children’s author and having the kudos of being on the best seller list is obviously important to me, nothing is quite as important as the knowledge that my children will always have the best of times with me. Hopefully they will go on to share with their children the warm and special times that we have enjoyed together through cooking and reading.

Beside writing and publishing my own successful ebooks and books, I help budding authors  make their dream a reality and e-publish their book on Kindle and on CreateSpace.